Sandie Lampe

award winning writer + TV personality

Sandie Lampe is an award-winning writer for San Diego Home & Garden Lifestyles Magazine, San Diego’s oldest shelter monthly magazine. Her columns are highly acclaimed for their content and presentation and are regarded as one of San Diego’s finest reads. She developed a fan base beginning with her first column in 2008.

Her column “Ask Schmoo”, a spoof on the classic “Dear Abby” column, but focused on pets, ran for two years in the San Diego Tribune newspaper.

Sandie is also a TV Pet personality on KUSI television, the number one independent station in the San Diego market.

Her segment is called Pet Patrol and can be seen on weekends on KUSI GMSD. She is considered one of the country’s leading  pet lifestyle experts.

Sandie is a primary resource for information about pets and owners’ relationships with their pets. For many years she has been a leader in gathering information and writing about the latest products, pet friendly hotels, health care, police dogs, traveling with pets, training, fashion and healthy diet choices for pets. Sandie’s writing style helps owners understand and connect better with their pets.

Sandie’s TV show, Pet Patrol, on KUSI –TV weekends has given her the opportunity to save the lives of many animals.

  • Personal interviews with Helen Woodward of the San Diego Humane Society and Lionel Legcency of Rancho Coastal have helped find homes for pets looking for that forever place to live.
  • She has worked with the Sheriff Department’s wounded wildlife, exotic pets, rabbits and senior animals that have been relinquished to shelters.
  • She is passionate about, a 501(C) organization that enables pet owners who are challenged financially. FACE will pay the necessary medical bills for owners who do not have the funds to pay for sick pets’ care. This relieves financial stress on owners so they do not have to make a difficult decision which might lead to the loss of their pet. Sandie is on the advisory board of FACE.

Sandie Lampe’s life changed 17 years ago when a little fluff ball of a dog was given to her as a gift. She looked into Schmoozer’s eyes and she was hooked. Her dedication to dogs and animal rights has spiraled into a lifestyle of writing and producing Pet Patrol on KUSI-TV.  Her segments promote animal needs, charity 501C fundraisers, and participating in any event that promote the welfare of animals.

Sandie has an extensive background in human behavior, and has spent the last 20 years studying it. She is the current President of the Personology Institute, and her book entitled “Profiling Your Personality” is in its third reprint.

Her background in identifying personality traits in humans led to her fascination with animal behavior and with her advocacy for animal rights and well-being. She is passionate about the animal world, and her goal is to make life easier for both pets and their owners. Her motto is: “Somebody has to speak for them”. Her great sense of humor and love of animals connect the human heart and animal soul.

It’s a job she signed on fur-ever and never stopped smiling. And she loves it! She never met an animal she didn’t like or love.


Five Journalistic awards

Two broadcasting awards

Past Advisory Board member PAWS

Current Advisory Board member   FACE FOUNDATION

HERO of The YEAR 2014 > Doggie Street festival

Notable Mentions:

  • Several TV broadcasting awards, and writing awards for her articles “Healing Paws” and “A Day in the Life of Animal Control”.
  • Her latest broadcasting piece with Dr. Gary Weizmann, the President of San Diego Humane Society.
  • An interview with San Diego ‘s District Attorney Summer Stephen on Court Room Dogs, published in San Diego Home Garden/Lifestyles magazine.

Credentials + Credits:

Studied at OU

Rotarian Of The Year

Documentary [writer + producer+on-air]

President of the Personality Institute

With over one hundred segments on air in a half a decade…LIVE TV with animals is exciting everytime.

Sandie Lampe [KUSI] “pet patrol”

Watch Sandie on air + pics + extras


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